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According to Stephen Colbert tonight, this is the link for a new GOP survey aimed at ‘younger voters.’ Oh sweet lord, the questions on this thing are hilarious and painful and EVERYONE ON TUMBLR NEEDS TO FILL THIS OUT RIGHT NOW


I mean just for a moment can I talk about compulsory voting and why it’s so goddamn important.

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Hit it in the fourth paragraph. Compulsory voting balances things out, so our current system encourages the Liberal/Labor parties to appeal to moderates. The US’ model of optional registration (during which you have to declare your preferred party!) means that both Democrats and Republicans have to appeal to more passionate voters.

The people in question might be more likely to hold more extreme views which the majority of the community would disagree with, but with optional voting it doesn’t matter what the population’s majority thinks, it’s what the voting population’s majority thinks.

Compulsory voting rules.

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This is what I have to deal with. Just trying to be the voice of reason.

People have every right to be “angry about the taxes they pay”. Taxes are just how the Government earns money, and they only work if society agrees that the method they’re measured from is fair.

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My email to Senator Cory Bernardi

Australian Senator Cory Bernardi (Lib, SA) reckons that legalising gay marriage will lead to the legalisation of human-animal marriage. I sent him an email via his contact page, and I urge you to do the same. Voice your dissent! (But please be polite. No-one listens to jerks.)

Disclaimer: Deliberately over-the-top racism, religious bigotry, logical fallacy, hypocrisy, insult, sarcasm, references to spam and “undergraduate humour” under the cut.

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Australian Senator Cory Bernardi reckons that legalising gay marriage will lead to calls for marriage to animals. How fun!

So feel free to contact him HERE on his website, or ring his office at (61) (08) 8362 8600. Be civil, please, we don’t want him to think we’re animals or anything.

Also, a guy who thinks that the private business of two consenting adults is comparable to bestiality shouldn’t have the following image to advertise his newsletter:

Are we so lost that we have to be sold our own democratic right? We have to “sexy up” the vote for young people? … If you don’t vote, you’re a moron. I know what you’ll say - “not voting is a vote”. No, it isn’t. Not voting is just being stupid. Voting is not sexy. Voting is not hip. It is not fashionable, it’s not a movie, it’s not a video game, all the kids ain’t doin’ it. Frankly, voting is a pain in the ass. But here’s a word, look it up - it is your duty to vote.


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Something I want to say every time someone says “Oh, I’m not interested in politics,” or “Yeah, I didn’t vote, guess that makes me a rebel trololo”. Quite a few people my age I’ve spoken to seem proud of their inability to write a number on a bit of paper. People died - they still die - for the honour you so are self-righteously apathetic about. It really gets on my nerves.

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Arizona Defines “Gestational Age” As Beginning Before Conception

The state of Arizona has recently amended its abortion laws, with several key points changed in order to make abortions more difficult to legally obtain. Most ridiculously, the law defines the “gestational age” of the fetus to be “as calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman”.

Goodness knows what the legislators will do when faced with women who continue to have periods after they become pregnant, or people with medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome who often don’t have regular periods. Let’s not even get into how they plan to monitor it, either - are they going to check people’s shopping lists for tampons? Go through their rubbish?

When coupled with a new law stating that (except in the case of medical emergency) terminations must occur before 20 weeks gestation, the result is that women could have much less time to find out as much information as possible in regards to their health care options, as well as the health care options of their unborn baby (ie medical conditions which cannot be tested for before 18 weeks gestation).

As well as this, women are also no longer allowed to use drugs to procure an abortion further than 30 miles away from a hospital. This means that any health clinics which are further than 30 miles from a hospital can no longer legally offer non-surgical, non-invasive abortions. Doctors are also no longer able to assist in procedures further than 30 miles from the hospital they work at.

Another major change is that all women seeking a termination must undergo an ultrasound (though not necessarily a trans-vaginal one, unlike Virginia). Previously, this was a requirement only when the fetus was at over 12 weeks gestation.

Finally, the law now states that women who seek an abortion because their fetus has a lethal condition and will not live outside of the womb must be informed of “alternatives” such as perinatal hospice facilities - encouraging women to carry a baby which has no chance of survival to full term, then keep it in a health facility until it inevitably dies.

The amendments in question can be found HERE at the official Arizona legislation website.

So the Aussie media’s been making a bit of fuss about Julia Gillard’s appearance on Four Corners, specifically because she claimed she had only decided to challenge Kevin Rudd for leadership on the actual day of the ballot. There’s been commentary, opinion and speculation everywhere you look.

So… why is this news?

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Life Reinvented: Why Socialism DOESN'T WORK



Before I present you with an example of why socialism does not work in American society (key word being American society…it works quite nicely in Sweden…but Americans and Swedes have very different mentalities), I would like to explain that I love the idea of socialism. I think that if a system…

 I agree completely! Socialism is simply un- American. America was not built on entitlement, as President Obama seems to think. It was not built on division of classes either, but unity as Americans. We are a strong, free land of oppurtunity. Once people start remembering this and working hard again, we will be united and powerful once more. The second we forfeit our rights to the government is the second we fall. I can’t believe that people are forgetting these simple truths so quickly now (Occupy Wall Street, the Buffet plan that Obama spoke of, and of course, Obamacare).

"[America] was not built on division of classes either, but unity as Americans"

This might be a good place to start reading.

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